is it recommended or compulsory for your child to have mutual insurance or special student insurance?

Among the essentials for a family, the back-to-school preparation. In addition to the purchase of supplies or the search for accommodation arises the question of insurance and other complementary health. Unlike when you were a student, you should know that today there is no longer a dedicated Social Security to which students in higher education were obligatorily attached. Since 2019, a student is therefore directly affiliated with the general Social Security scheme, just like you.

The important step to take when you turn 18s is to update his vital card, upon receipt of the welcome letter from the Health Insurance. This is also the time to choose your doctor, if you haven’t already.


Does my child then have to have mutual insurance?

This is an essential question. Even if taking out mutual insurance is not not mandatoryyour child must take care of your health. So you have to see with your offspring what are his needs real. Student mutuals offer several offers, designed to match students’ budgets and above all their specific expectations. Targeted offers therefore, which can include a taxi reimbursement after a drunken evening, for example, or a package for periodic protection. These are advantages that are added to those of a “classic” mutual.

Up to what maximum age can a young person be under the mutual insurance of his parents?

Beyond the age of 21, or even 25 depending on the organization, your child will no longer be able to be attached to your mutual family or business, whether he continues his studies or not. This is why it is better to anticipate and take a suitable complementary health supplement.

Even if he can tell you that it is not for him, that he is never sick and that it will cost him dearly because his budget is tight, it does not mean that he should neglect his health. Subscribe to a mutual dedicated to students remains judicious in many respects, thus making it possible to avoid a possible financial problem or a renunciation of care.


Now is also the time to insure it!

If it is possible to choose a suitable complementary student health insurance, the same goes for insurance, some of which, it should be remembered, are compulsory. This is the case of civil liability insurance which is always requested when enrolling in a higher education institution. In particular, it makes it possible to compensate the victim for the damage that your child could cause. There are other compulsory insurances, which are specifically adapted to the student public (home insurance, auto, etc.).

Student insurance and mutual funds for the start of the new school year: adapted costs and dedicated support

Insurance companies, such as student mutuals, offer low prices to stick with the student budgets. There are indeed complementary health formulas on the market for less than 7 € per month. It will therefore be easy to find the most appropriate formula for your child. The objective is to pay neither too much (for example by avoiding accumulations), nor too little (by being obliged to pay large sums of money afterwards).

If you and your child need to see more clearly and to be accompanied, organizations specializing in insurance and complementary health insurance for students will be able to advise you. You can get answers to your questions quickly, by chat, by phone or by going to an agency. Subscriptions can generally be made onlineand changing formula is also done with a simple click, at any time of the year (for example for an Erasmus internship abroad).

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