iPhone 14: more false alerts with registration of accidents in the US

After the slide, it is now in ski resorts that many American users’ iPhone 14s are sending false alarms to the emergency services. The accident detection function automatically contacts emergency situations when the owner has just had a minor fall or been skiing.

Crash Detection is certainly far from perfect. A few months ago, the new functionality in the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro alerted the emergency services while the owner was just on a slide in Colorado, USA.

The Cupertino company has since improved its functionality on iOS 16.1.2, but it’s not quite there yet. In fact, in recent days no fewer than 71 false alarms have been sent to 911 (emergencies in the US) while users were simply skiing in Colorado.

The functionality puts a strain on the preparedness

According to information from Patently Apple, false alarms have skyrocketed with troublesome emergency services in Uncle Sam’s land since the introduction of Crash Detection on Apple’s new iPhones.

At four Colorado ski resorts, 71 false alarms were issued from an iPhone 14 over the past weekend. And according to the media report, the same phenomenon was observed at 12 stations in the state. The services are therefore very busy and are obliged to take care of every incoming call, including calls made by mistake.

Although the feature has been used to save several lives after the launch of several automatic alerts, it is still too common to have false alarms sent to the rescue. If the Apple brand claims that its accident detection functionality is optimized to help users and minimize false alerts, the authorities do not agree and are asking Apple to intervene to clean up the emergency services and fix this problem.

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