Intelifex becomes i-City and unveils the new smart city solution

After 8 years of deploying IoT sensors, Intelifex, which has secured its independent growth and reached a turnover of €6.5 million in 2021, becomes i-City to be the benchmark player in Smart city solutions.

i-City has just unveiled the first unified, modular and open smart city solution called AC360 (in reference to Always Connected 360°). By exhibiting and presenting this news at Vivatech 2022, i-City becomes the first company offering a unique Euro-Mediterranean solution in the industry. Beyond this platform, i-City’s key capability is to provide a dedicated and multidisciplinary team to secure device integration and maintenance as well as a control tower for public and private organizations.

Interoperability is the key to integrated smart city solutions

After having worked on behalf of several public clients in Morocco and France, the company found that the heterogeneity of products and the multitude of platforms did not accompany the digital transformation of cities. This is why iCity has decided to launch its AC360 platform. “We believe that our unique ability to integrate different types of devices gives us the flexibility and agility that public organizations are looking for. We are pleased to see the already positive feedback and the energy and time savings from our existing customers”.

AC360 therefore plays a unifying role for the various companies and start-ups that have chosen to specialize in a niche and put them in contact in order to provide a global vision, ranging from traffic management to building energy, passing by the problems of public and public lighting and the quality of the water or even the saturation of the sanitary infrastructures.

The result of many years of expertise in the installation and maintenance of IoT devices

The installation and maintenance of temperature sensors during the Covid vaccination campaign, the equipment of dumpsters in several municipalities with filling sensors, the installation of car plate readers in many African and European ports… The list of experiments that have been conducted by i-City is so long that it is difficult to name them all. This technical field knowledge that the teams have today and the ability to integrate sensors from different brands make i-City a significant force and a time saver for cities and metropolises that commit to using the AC360 platform. .

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