In the United States, the “blizzard of the century” causes almost 50 deaths

“It’s way too early to say it’s over,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul warned, adding that up to a foot of snow is still expected. “It’s definitely the blizzard of the century,” she added during a news conference from the city of Buffalo.

Always dangerous to be outside

Although the intensity of the storm is no longer the intensity of recent days, it is “still dangerous to be outside”, she warned. Western New York, accustomed to cold and storms, was buried under feet of snow over the Christmas weekend, suffering sub-polar temperatures since last week.

The death toll in Erie County, which includes Buffalo, was already 13 as of Sunday night, but local services have since confirmed the deaths of 14 more people, bringing the total death toll from the blizzard to 27, it said Monday. Mark Poloncarz, responsible for this county.

A polar storm that you see “once in a generation” freezes and paralyzes part of the United States

Some people have been found dead in their cars or outside, and others have died of cardiac arrest while trying to clear snow while temperatures are still freezing. The toll may increase.

One meter deep snow

The total number of deaths confirmed by authorities in nine US states is at least 49 dead. In Ohio, traffic accidents related to this bad weather killed nine people. In some towns in western New York, the snowpack “reached up to a meter thick overnight”.

“My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one,” US President Joe Biden tweeted on Monday, indicating that he spoke by phone with the governor and pledged to provide the necessary federal resources. He also approved the declaration of a state of emergency in New York state.

3,800 flights cancelled

On Monday, the number of canceled flights in the United States rose to about 3,800 from 3,500 previously announced, according to the monitoring site Conditions are expected to improve only gradually as the week progresses.

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