In the United States, small arms manufacturers booming despite violence

“So here is his son’s name and his date of birth” engraved on a rifle, shows the boss of RTD Arms & Sport on his phone, in his workshop located in Goffstown, New Hampshire. Sometimes customers request that a passage from the Bible or the American flag be engraved. “It’s like sewing your name on your baseball glove or having custom stripes made on your car,” says the boss, adding that the ability to personalize the item attracts customers who would otherwise ” never thought before ‘to buy a gun.

Production tripled

The millions of firearms produced each year in the United States are mostly produced by the behemoths of the industry, but more and more small operators have flocked to a market whose production has almost tripled between 2000 and 2020, reaching 11.1 million annual units.

The recent killings in Buffalo and Uvalde Elementary School in Texas have reopened the debate on the scourge of gun violence, which causes around 40,000 deaths a year in the country, nearly two-thirds of them suicides. But the culture of firearms is rooted in the country’s history, and the right to possess it guaranteed by the Constitution.

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