in the face of drought, California imposes restrictions on water consumption



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Climate change is no longer a projection. In the United States, thehas California is at 97% in a state of drought, then restrictions were put in place on water consumption.

The hills of The bone Angeles, California (United States), are once again facing a historic drought. The authorities had to take drastic measures to limit the use of water. Dalia Keniglike six million Californians, is now only allowed to water their garden for 15 minutes, one day a week.

To make sure residents are following the rules, Ventura County, California, has set up a water patrol. One of these patrol boats criss-crosses the hills above malibu (United States), looking for every drop of unauthorized water. When he spots a leak along the sidewalk when no watering is possible that day, the patroller will first discuss with the owners. A technician just installed a new irrigation system for me. He was testing the operation of the sprinkler“, defends one of the owners. He will therefore not receive a fine. California authorities do not rule out imposing new restrictions“, explains Camilla guttinspecial correspondent to The bone Angeles.

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