IBM introduces tool to mitigate bias in online advertising technology

IBM announced Monday at Cannes Lions 2022 the release of a free advertising toolkit dubbed “Advertising Toolkit AI Fairness 360” to mitigate advertising technology bias in media buying.
It is an open-source solution deploying 75 fairness metrics and 13 algorithms to help identify and mitigate bias in media plans of a campaign that has already run. This is to better understand the presence and impact of biases on their advertising campaigns, as well as the composition of their audience.

“Used correctly, data can help brands personalize consumer engagement and identify the most relevant touchpoints. However, we know that biases can exist in algorithms or technology, and that’s why we help our clients assess how and when to use data in a meaningful way that will benefit the customer experience,” said Mark ReadCEO of WPP, one of the partners in the deal alongside Delta Air Lines, WPP, Mindshare, 4A’s, IAB and Ad Council.

Biases are often unintended, the result of assumptions and human judgments encoded in algorithms that can lead to unfair targeting, exclusion of certain groups and failed marketing campaigns.

According to a Salesforce survey, nearly 62% of consumers surveyed said they were concerned about AI bias, up from just 54% two years earlier. This result highlights the imperative for brands and agencies to better understand its impacts.

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