iAssure: underwriting courses in borrower and provident insurance with cbp and BioSerenity

The wholesale broker iAssure, joins forces with cbp and Generali (Partnerships). Objective : make available to its partner brokers the unique service created by the start-up BioSerenity to simplify medical formalities for people subscribing to a borrower’s insurance or occupational pension policy.

If, for the majority of the capital of more than 200,000 euros to be insured, a simple health questionnaire is sufficient for the subscription of a borrower’s insurance or occupational pension contract, additional contractual formalities to the health questionnaire may however be requested. by some insurers for larger amounts. These then prove to be tedious for the insured who do not always have the time to carry out the necessary medical examinations.

Always concerned with simplifying and accelerating the subscription process for occupational pension insurance or borrower’s insurance, iAssure, in partnership with cbp, offers the Cardiophy Check-Up service developed by BioSerenity, a Next40 company specializing in the deployment of medical solutions. connected.

This innovation enables medical teams and BioSerenity’s connected platforms to carry out all medical formalities, at the policyholder’s home or at their place of work, at the time of their choice, in 30 minutes, in compliance with rules of hygiene and confidentiality. Thanks to it, the steps are simple and quick: the policyholder makes a personalized appointment directly via the BioSerenity platform. A health professional travels to the place chosen by the insured (home or workplace) with the medical report to be completed for the insurer and all the equipment necessary to carry out the various examinations: measurements of constants, electrocardiogram, blood samples and urinary.

The insured person no longer needs to travel to laboratories and analysis centers, or to a cardiologist. The exams are carried out in one go on the time slot of his choice and in the place that suits him.

The medical report completed by the healthcare professional during the visit, as well as the various measurements taken, are transmitted in real time to the medical advisor at cbp via the BioSerenity platform, an approved health data host. In this way, the medical adviser can position himself more quickly on the insurance application file.

This new service is offered with Generali (Partnerships) to iAssure partner brokers, present in Île-de-France, for capital to be insured of between €600,000 and €1.5 million. It will be deployed throughout the national territory in the course of 2023.

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