how to compete?

OUR ADVICES – A new system will soon allow you to renegotiate your insurance at any time. The only obligation will be to present a new contract with guarantees equivalent to the old one.

Despite the rise in rates, the monthly contribution paid to insure your mortgage still often exceeds the cost of interest. To save several thousand euros over the term of the credit, customers have an interest in competing for this insurance. Especially since from 1er June the regulations change again.

What are the new measures?

No more calendar constraints to identify the right date to terminate: the new device of the Lemoine law (law no.oh 2022-270 of February 28, 2022) allows the insurance to be renegotiated at any time. It follows three previous laws (Lagarde in 2010, Hamon in 2014 and Bourquin in 2016), which were not enough to open up the borrower insurance market. This is still locked by the banks, which retain 88%. Implementation from 1er June for new credits, the reform will be extended to all current credits from 1ernext September. Banks will even have to remind the borrower every year…

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