How Aktier wants to feminize access to trading

Challenges – After founding Stuart logistics platform, why venture into a trading platform?

Benjamin Chemla- I sold Stuart to La Poste in 2017 and then launched a gym concept in New York. But the adventure came to a halt in March 2020 when we were making $500,000 in monthly revenue. I maintained the activity for ten months. At the end of 2020 I returned to France after losing everything. Paradoxically, this context was fertile ground for the creation of this new social network, Shares.

What is this concept?

Shares is a mobile application that allows you to invest and buy shares in listed companies and, since November, cryptocurrencies. It is also a social network: it is possible to add contacts, get real-time access to their portfolios and interact with them in areas of common interest.

Why did you start with England in April 2022?

The English market is the largest in Europe in terms of activity. It is also associated with regulatory arbitrage as we first got the green light from the UK Treasury. The launch in the country was incredible: 150,000 active users and 220,000 downloads. Today we are nearing completion of our process to obtain the European passport which will allow Shares to establish itself throughout the area before the end of the year.

Isn’t the market for financial applications already saturated?

There are many trading apps for a financially educated audience. Recently, new players have arrived in Europe, but not yet in France. And no one has managed to establish themselves as a global player. They also missed the social brand. The Boulevard is huge for stocks.

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Shares is a free app. How do you get paid?

We prefer a volume approach that charges a flat commission of 0.79% on stocks and 1.5% on cryptocurrencies. We have already raised $90 million and are aiming for profitability by 2025.

Who are Shares users?

About 60% of our users are under 25 and 30% under 22. They are mostly neophytes. We have chosen to offer split shares for purchase. Our transactions are therefore smaller – 35 euros on average – but more recurring than the market at 2.5 per week. One of my prides: 40% of our users are women. We want to make it a strong axis of development.

Why did you choose the sisters Venus and Serena Williams as muses?

They not only convey the message that we are better together, but they will also help to feminize access to our platform. We want our app to be as inclusive as possible.

Your growth dream?

Growth must be infinite for Shares. My dream is to be successful in creating a TikTok-like application.

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