Home insurance, how to choose?

Home insurance is a must for any homeowner. Ideal for covering yourself in the event of a claim, there are several formulas and it can be difficult to choose the right one. For this, it is essential to take into account certain important criteria. Discover in this guide, the criteria on which you must base yourself to make a choice.

Take into account the amount of contributions

To choose a home insurance that suits you, you must first base yourself on the amount of the contributions. This represents the price to be paid to insurance companies so that they cover you in the event of a claim. Often paid monthly, it is also possible to pay this amount quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Similarly, the payment of contributions can be made automatically or manually depending on what is written in the policyholder’s contract.

In addition, in order to set this amount, insurers refer to several elements including:

  • management fees;
  • the guarantees included in the contract;
  • housing (its nature, location, surface area);
  • insurance tax, etc.

In order to obtain an affordable sum for contributions, you can do certain operations. Indeed, it is possible to reduce the number of guarantees included in the multi-risk home insurance contract. You can also limit the number of pieces of furniture to be covered.

Request quotes from several insurance companies

The offers offered by the companies in terms of home insurance are not always identical. In order to benefit from an advantageous contract, it is essential to request quotes from several structures: for example, you can first request a MAIF home insurance online quote. This gives you a way to compare the different rates and better negotiate the terms of your contract.

To do this operation, it is not necessary to go to the agencies. You can use online comparators. These tools make your job easier and inform you of the prices applied on the market by several insurance companies.

Choose according to the important guarantees

In addition to the contributions, you must pay particular attention to the guarantees that make up your insurance. Regardless of the nature of the latter, it always involves civil liability. This guarantee covers you for damage caused to a third party. These can be the result of a careless gesture or caused by someone close to you. It also covers damage caused by your pet. However, restrictions are observed at certain levels. If, for example, your animal is classified in category 2 because of its breed, civil liability does not provide coverage. To do this, you must take out special insurance.

Regarding damage to your property, you have several guarantees. Each of them allows you to be covered in the event of a specific claim. As essential guarantees for home insurance, you have:

  • water damage cover;
  • natural disaster cover;
  • the fire guarantee;
  • glass breakage warranty, etc.

To benefit from a complete contract, it is possible to add other guarantees qualified as secondary. Among these, you will discover theft, electrical damage and assistance guarantees. If the first two allow you to benefit from compensation following a theft or electrical damage, the assistance covers several things. Thanks to it, you can be rehoused, obtain an emergency repairman, ensure your transport to the hospital following a disaster.

Choose according to the deductible applied

Before subscribing to a home insurance contract, you must also know the deductible applied. This amount, which represents your participation in compensation after an accident or claim, is set in several ways. It can be fixed or a percentage of your compensation. As an insured, you should also be aware that there are two types of deductibles: relative and absolute.

When it comes to a relative deductible, your insurer will reimburse you for the cost of damages, only if it exceeds the sum of the deductible. For example, if you define 250 euros as the deductible, you will be entitled to full compensation only if the estimated damage is greater than or equal to this sum. The same principle applies for the absolute deductible except for one detail. The amount of compensation is the difference between the deductible and the value of the loss.

Know the fixed compensation limit

Another important criterion that will weigh when subscribing to a multi-risk MRH insurance contract is the compensation ceiling. The latter is fixed for each guarantee that makes up your insurance. This is the amount you will receive from your insurer to cover a claim. And this, regardless of the value of the damage.

The value of your home over the years, or the increase in your real estate assets, can have an impact on this ceiling. It is for this reason that many policyholders ask for a new contract negotiation when they make new acquisitions. To be serene in the event of a disaster, you can do the same.

Ultimately, to choose home insurance, you need to take into account several elements: the contribution amounts, the offers, the guarantees, the deductible, and the compensation ceiling.

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