his transgender daughter decided to cut ties with the billionaire by making this radical choice

If we hear about more or less all the players of the multi-billionaire Elon Musk, we know less about his children. Among them, Xavier Musk, born a man but feeling like a woman. Today, he wishes to officially change his name in order to better correspond to his gender identity, but also to completely dissociate himself from his father. We explain all this to you.

Businessman, billionaire, but also a father

known to be a billionaire – and moreover the richest man in the world – particularly ambitious, Elon Musk wants to develop technology with robots capable of working in our place, develop more ecological means of transport (Tesla), or even allow us to colonize space (SpaceX). Between these crazy projects and the many escapades of the man, in particular concerning the takeover of Twitter, we would almost forget that before being a brilliant businessman, Elon Musk is above all a father.

Because if you didn’t know the billionaire is the father of no less than seven children and even got married three times! It is also with one of his ex-wives, Justine Wilson (then Justine Musk, at the time), thathe had little Xavier Musk (on the right in the photo below), in 2004. But now 18 years old, this one – since he is a transgender person – wishes to change his name and his first name. However, at this level, she is not doing so badly, when you know the particularly strange first names that Elon Musk tends to give to his offspring (little thought for X Æ A-Ⅻ Musk).

From Xavier Musk to Vivian Jenna Wilson

A public document was recently shared by a user on Twitter. In it, we discover that Xavier Musk has filed an official request for a full name change: if this change is accepted, she will soon be called Vivian Jenna Wilson!

Elon Musk’s 18-year-old daughter has filed to legally change her name to confirm to her gender identity.

The official reason given: “Gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form.” pic.twitter.com/t04P9m8fEI

June 20, 2022

Elon Musk’s 18-year-old daughter filed a paperwork for legally change their name to confirm their gender identity.

The official reason given: “My gender identity and the fact that I no longer wish to live or no longer wish to be associated with my biological father in any way.”

If we understand Xavier Musk’s desire to change his first name in order to clarify his gender identity and leave behind all traces of his life as a young boy, we wonder why she wants to cut so much with Elon Musk. It is probably a blow for the latter who, no later than Sunday, wished everyone a happy father’s day and declared that he “loves his children so dearly”. If Xavier Musk’s decision should not change this love, perhaps her father will find it more difficult to accept that his daughter wants to completely cut off all ties with him.

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