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The American Billionaire Elon Musk is one of the most powerful men on the planet. According to the classification of the American magazine Forbesthe man born in Pretoria in South Africa, is the richest in the world with an estimated fortune of $271.2 billion. This is in particular due to its companies such as the manufacturer of electric vehicles You’re here or SpaceX. During an interview granted, yesterday Monday 1er August 2022, on Australian Radio KIIS-FMthe father of the businessman, Errol Muskwas asked about his son’s runaway successes.

“He eats badly”

When the show’s presenter Jackie O Asked if he was proud of his son’s great accomplishments, the 79-year-old didn’t hide his point. ” Nope. You know, we’re a family that’s been doing a lot of things for a long time, it’s not like we suddenly started doing something.” replied Errol Musk. He later spoke about his son’s physique, after the publication of several photos of him on a luxury yacht in Greece. On this point, the septuagenarian expressed his concern for Elon Musk, while considering that he is “very solid but he eats badly”.

The news remained hidden for at least three years

As a reminder, Errol Musk is a rich South African engineer. His remarks come after reports that he had children with his ex-wife’s daughter. According to New York Times quoted by several international media, the news remained hidden for at least three years and Elon Musk would not have appreciated that his father had children with the latter. The 41-year age gap did not prevent the American billionaire’s father from having an intimate relationship with Jana Bezuidenhout35, who was his stepdaughter from the age of 4.

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