Grimes wants elf ears, Elon Musk has reservations

At 34, maybe it was time to ask the question, “Do I want elf ears or don’t I want them?” In any case, the existentialist dilemma presented itself to Grimes, Canadian popstar and 3.0 companion. of the richest man in the world, Elon Musk.

In a tweet — that’s often how stories start with these two — the musician publicly asked her one million and some three hundred thousand followers about the opportunity to perform cosmetic surgery, the purpose of which would be to dig into the cartilage of his ears in order to give them a shape comparable to those of the Elves. The purpose of the maneuver, for Grimes? Obtain feedback from her fans addicted to the scalpel, and soothe her anxieties: the 30-year-old is afraid of the very long remission time that the operation would entail, and above all, she fears for her eardrums: “As as a musician, this operation seems risky”, she concedes.

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As of this writing, Grimes’ post has generated 784 comments. In addition to the few attacks of rigor to which the twittos engage, one thinks in particular of the comment of Biglatinthem “my little one, go back to take care of your children”, certain subscribers of Grimes wanted to enlighten the popstar. This is particularly the case of ANTARCTIC FISTING BOTTOM, who explains that he carried out the operation six years ago, specifying in passing that the remission was long but that his mother made him soup and gave him prozac. The Elf also feels that his new ears prevent him from getting a job, but allow him to work in the supermarkets during the Christmas holidays.

It is undoubtedly this type of problem that Elon Musk, entrepreneur and companion “in free relation” of Grimes anticipated. In a comment, the tech-guru spoke constructively about the advisability of such an operation, irreparably affecting the ears of the mother of her children: “The disadvantages of such an operation undoubtedly outweigh the advantages” , he believes.


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