give better with life insurance

OUR ADVICE – Well handled, life insurance is very suitable for grandparents wishing to gratify their descendants.

Not so long ago, grandparents used to open an A booklet to their grandchildren, as a birth gift. With a rate of return of 1% and the return of inflation, it pales today to grow a capital over 20 years. Opening life insurance for him is much better suited to those who have the means to be generous. Each grandfather can in fact give, without any gift tax, €31,865 every 15 years to each of his grandchildren. Added to this is an additional €31,865, provided that the grandparent is under 80 and the grandchild is an adult. Going to the notary is not mandatory, but is still recommended to organize all these gifts and ensure that they do not encroach on the children’s share of the inheritance.

First advantage of life insurance, it guarantees grandparents that the money given will be well used. The donation is accompanied, in fact, by the writing of a document. “This document, called the “adjoining pact”…

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