Gauss Aurora Lab featured at FinTech21 event

The Gauss team Aurora Labwhich contributed to the decentralized distribution network and cloud storage P2P AuroraFS, will be present at FinTech21 May 18 and 19 in Australia. The FinTech21 event will showcase some of the latest advances in the FinTech industry, while providing the venue and environment for the many expected and confirmed companies, investors, entrepreneurs and industry professionals with the opportunity to network and collectively build around ideas and share what they have been working on recently.

A strong focus is on the exhibitions that will take place, such as new innovations in payment solutions, payment gateways crypto and blockchain, advances in payroll systems, developments in borrowing and lending platforms and technology, and much more. The latest figures reveal that already more than 60 speakers are scheduled to present at FinTech21, with more than 60 full exhibits also planned for the two-day event, organized by ABF Events.

As we have already announced, the Gauss Aurora Lab team will be present at FinTech21. The team will have the pleasure of being present while the AuroraFS blockchain will be represented at the event as an official sponsor of FinTech21, as attendees seek to learn more about AuroraFS and gain additional insight into what the decentralized storage and delivery network of content.

Other sponsors joining AuroraFS as official sponsors of FinTech21 are just a few large corporations like Commonwealth Bank, a multicultural bank with operations spanning multiple continents besides Australia. The large banking conglomerate has physical operations established in Asia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. OPTUS and Coinspot are other sponsors of the FinTech21 event. Both are remarkable names.

Coinspot is one of the exchanges of cryptocurrencies oldest in the world. The Australia-based exchange dates back to 2013, while that OPTUS is an Australian telecommunications company and the second largest mobile service provider in the country. These are two of the many sponsors, in addition to AuroraFS, who make up the many names recognized on the official list of FinTech21 sponsors.

What are AuroraFS’ other activities?

AuroraFS has been busy preparing to launch its AUFS token in the third quarter, which should accompany the full public launch of the network AuroraFS blockchain operating independently. A series of contests and competitions that rewarded video contributors Web3Tube, viewers, as well as non-network-hardened broadband miners AuroraFS, just ended. Futures AUFS tokens from these competitions are sent to all respective winners.

A new competition in honor of the appearance of FinTech21 was also announced in the online community from AuroraFS a few days ago. The more than 50 video creators on the decentralized sharing and distribution platform Web3Tube from AuroraFS will be rewarded with varying amounts of stablecoins BUSD based on their ranking in the new competition AuroraFS gleam Giveaway.

The top three winners will receive $200, $100, and $50 in BUSD respectively. The other 50 randomly selected winners will also receive $10 for their entry. The competition gleam is open until FinTech21, in order to give video creators time to develop and share their creations with the rest of the Web3Tube network.

Closing Remarks and Next Steps for AuroraFS

With recent competitions, Web3Tube has been used by the public in real time, and that’s a good thing because the development from AuroraFS should soon be fully operational. Web3Tube gives video creators the ability to upload and share within a fully decentralized platform.

This not only allows creators, their fans, and viewers to retain control and ownership of their data in the Web3.0 network protocol and configuration, but creators also have the ability to set cryptocurrency amounts to charge for access to exclusive content to their channel’s most engaged followers.

Further developments of the decentralized network AuroraFS are the launch of the AUFS crypto and all that will surround this highly anticipated event which is expected to take place in the third quarter.

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