French Tech Green20: the class of 2022 unveiled

According to the overview produced by Bpifrance, 25% of greentech operate in new energies, 23% in green industry, 20% in ecosystem conservation and environmental transition, 13% in agriculture and agri-food, 13% in clean mobility, and 6% in construction sustainable. Each in their own field, they stimulate the French economy throughout the territory – more than 70% of them located outside Île-de-France – with already more than 60,000 direct jobs created, a figure of global business of more than 3 billion euros and a very strong growth potential, half of which are less than 5 years old. “With its 1,800 start-ups greentechFrance thus became the 4e ecosystem in Europe, after Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. Some have the potential to become global giants, and to place France as a reference in the sector on an international scale. We already know Ynsect, which is opening the largest vertical farm in Europe in Amiens. We can also mention EcoVadis which has become the 27e French unicorn. And the list is long”, rejoices Clara Chappaz, director of the French Tech mission.

Green infinity and beyond!

Develop an ecosystem greentech in our country is an essential condition for keeping France among the biggest players in innovation in the world. For companies, being part of an ecological transition process has also become a real asset to access financing (from investors), to convince new customers (large groups and administrations), but also to attract new talent. . To have a structuring ecological impact, France must have start-ups greentech world class. They already represent 15% of the Next40 and 12% of the French Tech 120. The ambition of the French Tech Green20 program is to support high-potential start-ups that meet the main ecological challenges, in order to help them develop and deploy their innovations on a large scale. As part of the second edition, particular attention was paid to the selection of start-ups that are developing breakthrough innovations. They will benefit from appropriate support, enhanced visibility and easier access to various State services and resources. “If all the levers will have to be mobilized, it is certain that technology will be an essential condition for creating, innovating and proposing new solutions: to eat, to stay in homes that consume less CO2to move, to travel, and to continue to live together”insists the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Lemaire.


The start-ups of the class of 2022 essentially fall within the framework of the sustainable city (30%), the decarbonization of industry (25%), but also recycling or renewable energies. Distributed in nine French regions, 30% of them have women at their head. Among the winning companies, we can cite: Eolink and its innovative floating wind turbine, Néolithe and its technology for transforming household and industrial waste into aggregates that can be used in construction, and Waga Energy and its biomethane production solution.

In short, 22 beautiful transition promises, whose evolution we will not fail to follow.

The complete list of the class of 2022: BeFC, Beyond Aerospace, Eolink, Fairbrics, Gouach, Hoffmann Green, HySiLabs, Jimmy, Kayrros, Keey, Lactips, Lixo, Materrup, Metron, Nam.R, Néolithe, Phoenix Mobility, Rosi Solar, Sylfen, Tallano, Tryon, Waga Energy .

Antoine Morlighem

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