Focus on the custom-made rail and the patented technology of the TKE Home Solutions S200 stairlift

TKE Home Solutions, world leader in the field of stairlifts, has equipped its S200 model with patented ASL technology. Thanks to a tailor-made rail and automatic swiveling of the seat, it guarantees maximum comfort and safety. With this innovation, TKE Home Solutions is competing for the second edition of the Prix Pleine Vie in the Home category.

A patented technology developed by TKE Home Solutions

The S200 stairlift benefits from patented ASL (Advanced Swivel and Leveling Technology). Thanks to the automatic seat and footrest, this allows the stairlift to pivot easily throughout its journey. This has several advantages, starting with comfort and safety. Indeed, the user thus always remains level.

Plus, throughout the ascent or descent, the stairlift seat automatically pivots, keeping your knees away from the wall even when the compact monorail is installed closest to the wall or ramp. . The perfect combination of safety and comfort.

Thanks to the compact made-to-measure rail system, arrival is at a distance from the steps, on the landing, which ensures perfect safety when getting into the seat or getting out of it. Similarly, on arrival, the stairlift can be positioned at ground level to facilitate the descent.

Finally, ASL technology also allows the equipment to follow the shape of the stairs, ensuring smooth, non-stop movement throughout the entire journey.

Versatility and space saving
Thanks to this technology, the S200 stairlift can be installed on any staircase, whatever its shape, including in narrow spaces. With this equipment from TKE Home Solutions, it is not necessary to adapt your staircase since it is the stairlift that adapts to it. This device combines comfort and safety with practicality and design. Indeed, the stairlift folds up automatically; once folded it is the most compact model on the market. The staircase thus remains free and can be used without any hindrance.

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