FNIM: a new federal prevention system

On the occasion of its Mutualist Innovation Days preceding its general assembly, the Fnim presented to member mutuals a new federal prevention system illustrating the priority given to these interventions for a better approach to the health of our fellow citizens.

The Fnim wishes to put prevention at the heart of the activities of mutual insurance companies. To this end, the latter will benefit from a resource center and a toolbox enabling them to implement actions based on shared solutions.

The first expression of this strategy is the signature of a partnership with SOS Allo Cancer and with Professor David Khayat allowing mutuals to provide information and support to their members.

While the newly re-elected President of the Republic has indicated his desire to change the logic of the health system by centering it around prevention, mutual insurance companies do not want to be dispossessed of all the actions carried out so far. “, indicates Philippe Mixe the latter specifies: ” especially since they intend to strengthen their prevention interventions for the better living of their members “.

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