Fidelity Launches Waiting List to Offer Crypto Trading to Retail Investors, Why Aren’t More Financial Products Meeting the Needs of Latinos in the US?

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Fidelity launches waiting list to offer crypto trading to retail investors

Fidelity Crypto has opened an early access waiting list for retail investors looking to trade BTCUSD bitcoin and Ethereum ETHE. Read more

The total economic output of Latin Americans was $2.8 trillion in 2020. So why aren’t there more financial products that meet their needs?

Latinos remain underserved when it comes to inclusive banking, advocates say. Read more

‘Incentives come in many forms’: Here are ways to lower your mortgage rate, according to the CEO of this mortgage company

Builders and sellers are offering homebuyers ways to lower their mortgage rates, according to a mortgage lender. Read more

Mortgage rates fall below 7%, Freddie Mac says, but are more than double what they were last year

The 30-year mortgage rate is averaging 6.95%, Freddie Mac said in its latest weekly survey on Thursday. Read more

Good news for home buyers: The number of active home listings rose sharply in October. But a closer look reveals a more depressing picture.

The inventory of active listings in the United States jumped 33.5% in October, according to Read more

How to negotiate with car dealers to get the car you want at the best price

Whether you’re a savvy dealer or hate haggling, buying a vehicle these days requires solid research, diligence and patience. Here is a step by step guide. Read more

How to spot a good store credit card and a bad one

It helps to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these cards – their strengths and weaknesses, their advantages and their risks. Read more

“It took too long”: The bank paid itself $18,000 in fees. My late father’s trust was not distributed. What recourse do I have?

‘What is their fiduciary responsibility and what recourse do they have left to hold the bank to account?’ Read more

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