Fidelity finally ready for Bitcoin? Investment giant opens up to crypto trading

Exploitation of adoption – In September this year, reports circulated that Fidelity was going to pushes Bitcoin (BTC) trading to its millions of retail customers. It’s done now!

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Fidelity Opens Bitcoin and Ether Trading to Retail Investors

On Nov. 28, some Fidelity customers received an email telling them “the wait is over.” Now the company is opening its crypto trading accounts retail investors.

In early November, Fidelity opened a waiting list for retail investors looking to trade Bitcoin and offEther (ETH) commission free. But when they execute each trade, users of this new Fidelity feature will be charged a spread which, according to the site, should not exceed 1%.

Users wishing to benefit from these services must therefore open an account and accept the disclaimers presented in the form of warnings about the volatility of digital assets and the specific risks associated with this class of assets, compared to those that are described as more traditional.

Fidelity thus begins to offer Bitcoin and Ether trading to its retail clients in full FTX crisis, a disaster that has damaged some investors’ confidence in cryptocurrencies. The investment giant’s initiative is expected to help increase Bitcoin and Ether adoption in the long term on a time scale that far exceeds this crypto winter.

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