factory linked to infant milk shortage shut down again

This factory of the Abbott company stopped Thursday due to a flood, will probably experience delays in delivery of new products of “several weeks”.

The Abbott plant, whose recent closure has exacerbated a shortage of infant formula in the United States, is again shut down due to flooding, which will likely delay the delivery of new products from “Several weeks“.

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Several months of closure linked to a product recall

Abbott halted production of its EleCare brand of hypoallergenic milk to assess storm damage and clean and sanitize the factory“Explains the group in a message on its website, published overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. Production at this factory in Sturgis, Michigan (north), resumed in early June, after several months of closure linked to a recall of products suspected of having caused the death of two infants. This shutdown had aggravated the shortage of certain brands of infant milk caused by supply and labor problems linked to Covid-19.

When the factory reopened on June 4, Abbott had estimated that it could begin shipping EleCare hypoallergenic milk from around June 20. The new suspensionwill likely delay the production and distribution of the product by a few weeks“, assesses the manufacturer in its last message. However, the group believes that it has a “sufficient supplyof EleCare and most of its specialty milks to meet needs. To deal with the shortage, the Biden administration, accused of having reacted too late, has set up a form of airlift to bring in, by military planes, tons of baby milk produced abroad.

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