Estimate the cost of your funeral insurance

At time take out funeral insurance, you wonder about the price of your contract! Before answering this question, it is necessary to recall the main objectives of such a pension solution and the importance of the amount of guaranteed capital.

  • Protect your family from a financial burden. The so-called “capital” funeral contract makes it possible to finance a guaranteed capital dedicated exclusively to the payment of funeral expenses.
  • Preserve your family from a financial and organizational burden. The so-called “benefits” funeral contract makes it possible to define the funeral services to be implemented at the time of death (this is the estimate of funeral services) and to finance a guaranteed capital in order to cover funeral expenses.
  • Have your funeral choices and wishes respected. This is possible with both types of funeral contract.

For protect your loved ones, you must therefore define a guaranteed capital and the organization of the funeral, transmit your funeral wishes. This approach will then allow them to be helped by the estimate of funeral services and to have adequate capital for taking charge of the funeral.

Funeral contract: the amount of the guaranteed capital

Funeral wishes, and therefore the choice of services to be implemented by the funeral agency, inevitably influence the amount of guaranteed capital. By estimating funeral expenses, you can therefore define precisely the amount of capital to be guaranteed. Also, it is recommended to ask for an estimate of funeral services. ROC ECLERC advisors support you in this regard. Namely, the estimate of funeral services is free and without obligation.

After determining the amount of guaranteed capital, you can choose the financing method:

  • Single payment: a single contribution is sufficient to finance the guaranteed capital.
  • Periodic payment: monthly or annual contributions over a period defined in advance.
  • Lifetime payment: contributions throughout life. This method of financing is not recommended because, ultimately, the amount paid may be greater than the capital guaranteed in the contract. This is why ROC ECLERC does not offer payment in life contributions.

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Where can I buy funeral insurance?

As we have seen, taking out funeral insurance makes it possible to organize and finance his funeral during his lifetime. The funeral services contract consists of a precise and detailed description of the funeral services (and the general conditions of sale) and a guaranteed capital adapted to the cost of the defined funeral. Also, your local funeral agency is best able to support you and advise you in your approach. Your advisor is the only one who can estimate the precise cost of your future funeral and the amount of guaranteed capital required.

A recognized funeral brand, ROC ECLERC has been supporting families for more than 35 years in organizing the funeral of their deceased. The professionals will answer your questions about the funeral. They will guide you in subscribing to a funeral contract adapted to the wishes and needs of each (funeral contract in benefits or funeral contract in capital). Do not hesitate to contact them for any information or request for a funeral contract quote.

Understand the difference between funeral insurance and life insurance

Be careful not to confuse the terms “funeral insurance” and “death insurance”.

Funeral insurance is a pension solution dedicated exclusively to the payment of funeral expenses. Its objective is the financing in advance of a guaranteed capital and, ideally, the organization of the funeral (the terms and funeral services). With this type of contract, the estimate for funeral services is implemented and wishes are respected regardless of the date of death.

Death insurance can be used at the discretion of the designated beneficiary(ies): to finance a particular project (purchase of a house or a car, etc.), to pay for everyday expenses (children’s studies, rent or real estate loan…). This pension solution is generally a contract limited in time, the main objective of which is to maintain the standard of living through the payment of a capital or an annuity (education annuity, for example).

For anticipate the subject of your funeral during your lifetime, it is recommended that you take out a funeral insurance contract. It is a process of providing for yourself and caring for your family.

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