End of Tamadoge Presale — Don’t miss the start of trading on this CEX

Buying TAMA crypto on CEX and DEX

With its planned listing on many centralized exchanges like LBank, Tamadoge will be one of the most coveted cryptos in this last quarter of 2022. On the support part of its site, the LBank exchange, which has daily trading volume close to 1 billion dollars, ensures that the TAMA token will soon be listed on its platform.

Tamadoge also announced on Twitter the listing on a major exchange, the name will be revealed on Friday.

Tamadoge will also be available from DEXs. The decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap will also list the TAMA. Uniswap is the largest DEX giving access to great liquidity to investors on Ethereum.

Tamadoge’s forthcoming listing on these markets will increase its visibility. The number of investors is likely to increase, and increased demand almost always results in a spike in the price of cryptocurrencies.

Investors interested in buying Tamadoge (TAMA) should act quickly while the price is still considered low on the exchanges.

By joining the Tamadoge Telegram channel, or by subscribing to the project newsletter on its official websiteyou can keep up to date with the most recent developments of this cryptocurrency project.

#TamadogeArmy-We Have Massive News To Share 🔥A Tier 1 Exchange Has Been Secured For Initial Listing 🔥Name To Be Announced Friday 12 PM BST, With Listing Date & Time 🔥A Joint Marketing Campaign Will Commence Once The Announcement Is Live Stay Updated https https://t.co/9VkUooU5YR https://t.co/eyKKywUamo

$255 bonus on LBank

As if the listing weren’t enough to boost the price of Tamadoge, LBank is offering a $255 welcome bonus for new investors who sign up on the platform to eventually purchase Tamadoge. This will further boost the price of cryptocurrency.

For deposits, Bank offers a bonus of $15, and $200 can be earned through staking. If investors accumulate more than $1,000 in spot trading volume and $500 in grid trading, they will receive the remaining $40.

What is Tamadoge crypto (TAMA)?

In the all-new Play-to-earn game Tamadoge, players can create or purchase dog NFTs with TAMA tokens in order to care for them. Top players who maintain their NFTs and participate and win challenges will be able to earn Dogepoints, which are convertible into TAMA tokens.

The Tamadoge combines memecoin, Play-To-Earn game and metaverse.

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