Employees who criticized Elon Musk in a letter have been sacked

SpaceX has fired a group of employees who prepared an open letter criticizing the public behavior of Tesla’s billionaire boss.

SpaceX has fired several employees involved in the preparation of an “open letter” criticizing in particular the behavior of Elon Musk in the public sphere, according to a message sent by the director of operations of the space exploration company whose existence and the contents were confirmed to Agence France-Presse by an employee.

A “small group” of employees sent this letter to all their colleagues asking for their possible signature and their participation in a survey, writes Gwynne Shotwell in her email sent Thursday at the end of the day to all staff. Some felt “uncomfortable and intimidated and/or angry because the letter urged them to sign something that did not reflect their opinion” or because the letter “interfered with their ability to concentrate on their work” . However, she believes, “we have too much essential work to do and do not need this kind of excessive activism”.

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“A frequent source of distraction and shame”

After conducting an investigation, the company therefore dismissed a number of employees involved, without specifying how many. According to the media The Verge, the open letter in preparation criticized Elon Musk’s behavior in the public sphere, as well as recent accusations of sexual harassment against him, as “a frequent source of distraction and shame for us”. ” E […] Read more

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