Elon Musk’s tweet about reasons to quit smoking draws attention on social media

Tesla chief Elon Musk is known for sharing controversial tweets. People who follow him are well aware of the type of tweets he puts on his social media account. This time, however, Musk shared a screenshot where a Twitter user asks people why they quit weed. Along with the tweet, the person also uploaded an image of the weed. Responding to the tweet, one person in the comments section said, “I watched the whole movie on mute and started crying because I thought I was deaf.”

Since being uploaded, the tweet has gone viral and garnered nearly 200,000 likes. Tweeple can also be seen retweeting the image with his own captions. “Some people are just dumb and dumb and they’d rather blame the drugs. Some people are psychopaths and maniacs, but society blames guns,” one Twitter user commented. Another person wrote: “For many people are blind, being served narcotics everywhere and not being judged critically! MINDS to resist and Fight be one that STOPS all narcotics in the world! Be the ones who don’t accept Narcotica and their backmen at all! We need a CLEAN WORLD in everything!

People often do weird things to get rid of their addiction. Earlier, a video of a Telangana woman rubbing chili powder on her teenage son’s eyes to punish him for his marijuana addiction went viral. The woman tied her 15-year-old boy to a post and resorted to the punishment after all her efforts to wean her son off marijuana were in vain. According to a report by Sakshi, the woman is Ramanamma from Suryapet district who is a day laborer. Her husband is a rickshaw driver. The son was going to school before the pandemic, but later dropped out.

He then became addicted to marijuana and did not make amends despite several warnings. This time, when he disappeared from his home for 10 days and returned drugged, the mother tied him to a pole and rubbed chili powder on his eyes.

The Sakshi report said the video was shot by a neighbor and posted on social media. The local police filed a complaint against the mother. Addressing Sakshi, Ramanamma said she had to resort to this extreme act after the boy refused to make amends. She added that they often find him lying on the roads in a drugged state and bring him back.

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