Elon Musk’s surprise twins, recognized six months after their birth

Elon Musk at the MET Gala. (New York, May 2, 2022.) Getty Images

The Tesla boss became a father for the ninth time last November, through his relationship with Shivon Zilis, project director of his start-up, Neuralink.

The news is unexpected. According to the Business Insider site, which announced it on Wednesday July 6, Elon Musk (51) became the father of twins last November. Two children born of his relationship with Shivon Zilis, a 36-year-old Canadian, project director of Neuralink, the billionaire’s start-up specializing in neural implants. The American news site also relays that the birth would have taken place in Austin, Texas, where Tesla’s new high-tech factory is located.

At 10 months, the son of Elon Musk already day of the synthesizer

The gender and first names of the children remain unknown, but Business Insider reveals that Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis, asked a court to ensure that the newborns “have the last name of their father and contain the name of family of their mother as part of their middle name.” A request approved by a judge, according to legal documents consulted by the media.

In video, Elon Musk makes a Space X presentation with his son on his knees

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And new

These two new births now bring the number of children of the billionaire, boss of Tesla and SpaceX, to nine. The one who is in the process of buying Twitter, already has six children from his previous union with the novelist Justine Musk. In addition to twins Griffin and Vivian Jenna Wilson (born Xavier, she recently filed a petition to change her name from male to female, which a judge eventually granted), both parents have given birth to triplets , Kai Saxon and Damian in 2006. Elon Musk is also the father of X Æ A-XII, 2 years old, and Exa Dark Sideræl, born last December (7 months), from his union with the singer Grimes.

The richest man in the world would now share his life with actress Natasha Basset, 27. Last May, they had also been seen in Saint-Tropez, having lunch at the Cheval Blanc hotel.


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