Elon Musk’s satellites have appeared in the Corsican sky

This Sunday 21 augustaround 9:50 p.m., a curious phenomenon lit up the Corsican sky. Luminous balls, moving at high speed, were visible during a around twenty seconds. After this appearance some photos and videos were sent to us by a reader of CNI, andrea Saccoother Internet users asked us “what was this phenomenon that appeared high in the sky heading from west to east having the appearance of a luminous train with 4 or 5 wagons, silent, and fading after a few seconds. To explain this, one should probably turn to Elon Musk. In effect, these luminous balls could be satellites of the company SpaceX. They are part of the project star linka satellite Internet service provider based on a constellation of thousands of telecommunications satellites placed in low Earth orbit. Just yesterday, 57 new satellites were put into orbit from Florida by the American giant.

What is the Starlink network and how does it work?
The green light for the positioning of Starlink satellites arrived in 2018: currently there are just under 2,000 in space, Elon Musk had requested authorization to install nearly 4,500, then the request is climbed to about 30,000. Which is more than all the satellites currently orbiting the Earth.

The objective of the project is to accelerate the Internet connection but also to bring it to regions of the world where there is none: a person sends data (a message, an e-mail, a video, a group of photos) to one of the satellites of the Starlink network by radio waves, then the signal passes from one satellite to another until it reaches the one closest to the person to whom it is to be delivered , who can download it. Connection speeds are said to be between 100-200MB/s, with latency as low as 20MS in most locations.


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