Elon Musk’s father had a child with his ex-wife’s daughter – La Nouvelle Tribune

An unbelievable story. Errol, father of billionaire Elon Musk76, had children with daughter of his ex-wife. For years he hid this information from the world but a few days ago it was revealed to the general public. According to New York Times quoted by several international media, the news remained hidden for three years at least and the American billionaire would not have appreciated that his father had children with his half-sister.

Errol Musk, father of Tesla boss had children with his stepdaughter whom he raised after marrying the latter’s mother years back. The 41-year age gap didn’t stop the American billionaire’s father to have an intimate relationship with Jana Bezuidenhout35, who was her daughter-in-law from the age of 4. After several years of marriage with Jana’s mother, Errol Musk returned to single life following a divorce. It was after this episode that Errol welcomed with Jana, their first child in 2017.

Remained hidden since then, the news was revealed to the face of the world only a few days ago. This story may seem like a movie but it is the reality. Billionaire Elon Musk reportedly flew into a rage when he learned that his father had children with the little girl he raised during his marriage that lasted 18 years with Heide, a widow. After the outbreak of the case, Errol does not seem to regret his act. “Our only use on this planet is to reproduce“, confides the septuagenarian to the daily The Sun.

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