Elon Musk’s father, 76, confirms he had a second child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter

The Musk family tree continues to grow and add new ramifications, as evidenced by announcements over the past few weeks. We recently announced that Tesla boss Elon had indeed had twins with an executive from his artificial intelligence company Neuralink. Which makes him the father of 10 children.

But it is now the father of the richest man in the world who is talking about him. Musk family patriarch Errol has revealed to ‘The Sun’ newspaper that he has fathered a secret second child with…his daughter-in-law, Jana Bezuidenhout.

A little history…

Errol, who is a wealthy South African engineer, married model Maye Haldeman Musk in 1970, with whom he had three children: Elon, Kimbal and Tosca.

The couple separated in 1979. Errol then married Heide Bezuidenhout, a young widow who already had two children, including Jana.

Errol and Heide had two biological children together, but he also helped raise Jana, who was only 4 when he became his stepfather. Errol and Heide finally divorced after an 18-year marriage.

An unthinkable couple: the stepfather and his stepdaughter

But the Musk family was then stunned when Jana became pregnant with Errol’s baby in 2017. This led to a terrible conflict between Errol and Tesla CEO Elon, who was furious that his father put his stepsister pregnant. Jana gave birth to a baby boy named Elliot Rush.

Errol’s other children were also very “shocked” and uncomfortable with this surprise pregnancy.

“They still don’t like it”admitted Errol in his new interview with The Sun. “They find it scary, because it’s their sister. Their half-sister.”

Elon has not publicly commented on the announcement of his half-brother’s birth. He has been at odds with his father since 2017 and described him in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine as a “awful human being”.

The Musk family patriarch, 76, welcomed the baby girl with Jana, 35, in 2019, but only publicly confirmed the news on Wednesday, justifying the birth in a very philosophical way: “The only reason we were sent to Earth was to reproduce.”

Errol admitted that Jana’s pregnancy was “unplannedand told the publication that they no longer live together, citing their 41-year age gap.

It is not practical. She is 35 years old”, Errol said. “Eventually, if I’m still here, she can still end up with me. But any man who marries a woman [jeune]even if you feel very lively, it’s nice for a while, but if there’s too big of a gap… That gap is going to be felt over the years.”

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