Elon Musk’s Boring Company continues to make its mark in Las Vegas

The project of tunnels under the city, initiated by Elon Musk at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, now makes the connection with a first casino It will extend to cover 55 stations in the city.

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company continues to dig its tunnels to set up its “Loop” under the city of Las Vegas. The first phase of the project, opened in 2021, allowed the first passengers to quickly travel in Tesla from one end of the gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center to the other through these tunnels.

On June 30, 2022, The Boring Company opened a new station in Las Vegas that marks the extension of its tunnels beyond the Convention Center. This is the first station located at the foot of one of the hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip. This is the first stage of a much more ambitious project for the city.

A “Vegas loop” project that will extend over 55 stations

Without the city of Las Vegas having to pay a single dollar, it is being equipped by The Boring Company with a new, innovative and emission-free public transport infrastructure. The project, which began with the Las Vegas Convention Center, is especially gratifying to Steve Hill, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), who stated that ” this milestone is an important milestone in the development of a game-changing transportation solution in Las Vegas. »

It must be said that surface traffic is quickly saturated in the city, especially during major events. The Loop therefore offers a quick alternative to reach the exhibition center in a few minutes – well, when The Boring Company tunnels are not also suffering from traffic congestion.

This first station, apart from the Convention Center, was installed at the foot of one of the last large hotel complexes to have emerged on the famous boulevard of Las Vegas. The hotel is located only 2 km from the congress centre, but this is the first stage of a project that will cover nearly 45 km of tunnels, with 55 stations spread over the city, the old quarters of Downtown to many other Las Vegas hotels and attractions.

Profitability and automation still in question

Elon Musk’s initial plan was to set up an autonomously functioning tunnel system. The reality of the current project consists of Teslas driven by drivers, in tunnels with operating hours that depend on the calendar of events at the Convention Center.

We are far from a revolutionary concept, and above all we wonder how the company will be able to find rapid profitability there. Between the cost of building the infrastructure and the Tesla drivers to be paid to transport the passengers of the Loop, the calculation does not seem really favorable.

The first phase of the project unveiled in 2021 had already cost the sum of 50 million dollars (around 48 million euros). You will have to sell a lot of tickets for a few dollars for a Tesla ride in an underground to make the investment profitable.

New Boring Company station on the Vegas Loop. // Source: Resorts World Las Vegas

A tunnel project under the Austin Gigafactory

Even if Elon Musk has not succeeded in imposing his project in other major cities in the United States, he has just applied for a building permit for the installation of a The Boring Company tunnel in Austin (Texas).

This tunnel project is probably not intended to be public. It must start from its new Tesla Gigafactory in Texas, but we do not yet know what this tunnel of a few kilometers must connect precisely. The permit application seems deliberately vague, most certainly to confuse the tracks on the true intentions of Elon Musk around his new Texan site.

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