Elon Musk’s 1995 Business Card Goes Viral, Tesla CEO Calls It ‘Ancient Times’

Tesla chief Elon Musk keeps popping up on the news for one reason or another. From pulling out of the multibillion-dollar Twitter deal to talk of Mars colonization, Musk has always managed to stay in the spotlight. This time, he’s scouring the internet for his “old” business card. A Twitter handle that goes by the handle DogeDesigner recently took Musk back in time by sharing a photo of his old business card.

The card appears to have been issued in Musk’s name in 1995 when he started a company called Zip2. The company provided newspapers with licensed online city guide software. However, it was closed in 1999. Look at the picture:

The nostalgic image managed to garner more than 40,000 likes. It received a lot of attention from netizens as they bombarded the comments section. One person wrote: “Simple, but ancient times. Another person wrote: “It’s Total Power & Dominion. Do you see the titles he gave himself? Elon never needed to learn TP&D with me. He knew it instinctively and practiced it relentlessly from the start. And look where that got him!!! Here are some reactions:

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently gave insight into one of the early phases of his hugely successful career. An inspiration to young entrepreneurs today, Gates too, like many of us, started small. And proof of his humble beginnings is his resume which he shared on his LinkedIn profile.

Gates shared an entry-level resume when he was just 18 and a freshman at Harvard University. The resume dated 1974 shows Gates’ education and experience as a student. However, at such a young age, Gates was still earning $12,000. A humble Gates, sharing the resume, in the caption wrote, “Whether you’re a recent graduate or a college dropout, I’m sure your resume is much better than mine was 48 years ago.”

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