Elon Musk would have killed more than 1,500 animals for the development of Neuralink

A paradox now placed at the heart of an investigation: if Neuralink, the start-up of Elon Musk, claims to improve man, on the other hand, it is the animals that it would exterminate. In total, it would be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of sheep, pigs, monkeys, mice and rats since 2018.

This was revealed Reuters on Monday, Dec. 5, reporting that the medical company was the subject of a federal investigation for possible animal cruelty when testing products on animals. The latter would be mistreated at best or even killed at worst.

Sacrificed guinea pigs “for science”

But for which product? Neuralink Corp plans to develop a brain implant with the power to restore walking to people with paralysis and other physical conditions. In particular, to test it, the Neuralink teams had conducted experiments on monkeys. Earlier this year, 15 out of 23 monkeys died in terrible conditions between 2017 and 2020. Holes drilled in the skull, infections, brain bleeds… Today it is clear that the sad road is much heavier.

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If it was the association then The Medical Committee for Responsible Medicine which had risen, the case has now been escalated to the US Department of Agriculture. The purpose of the investigation: to investigate whether these procedures are in breach of the Animal Welfare Act (“Animal Welfare Act”).

A growing unrest in the company

Within Neuralink itself, more and more employees are also complaining about the management’s attitude: Elon Musk would have exerted pressure to speed up the development of Neuralink and thus multiply the erroneous experiments. “Imagine you have a bomb strapped to your head”, he would have asked them to push them to work faster. It would all be reported by more than twenty employees in messages, voices, emails, presentations and reports.

Result: During the experiments carried out on animals, the researchers would have made a mistake in performing a surgical operation by installing an implant on the bad vertebra of two pigs during a surgical operation. They would then have finished one of the two animals.

These examples are numerous and each more terrifying than the other; the federal investigation should provide some answers to such maneuvers. So far, neither Elon Musk nor Neuralink, nor representatives of the Department of Agriculture have spoken.

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