Elon Musk will solve the problem of tinnitus

Like many French people (and millions of people around the world), you may be a victim of tinnitus, this particularly unpleasant whistling, buzzing or crackling that we hear in one ear (or both), without they were issued by a source in the outside world. Extraneous noises which may be occasional, intermittent or continuous, and which result from a dysfunction of the auditory nervous system. In the best of cases, tinnitus is temporary, and then resolves in intervention. But some tinnitus is permanent, and turns out to be very (very) disturbing…

Elon Musk effective (also) against tinnitus?

And if there is no miracle solution to overcome tinnitus, it could be that in the near future, the essential Elon Musk will be able to help millions of people. Indeed, when he is not busy buying Twitter or managing Tesla, Elon Musk is also involved in the company Neuralink, which specializes in the brain-machine interface, with a brain implant that would be able to treat many pathologies.

Via Twitter, Elon Musk was questioned in particular about tinnitus, to find out if Neuralink could finally be able to provide the much sought-after solution. And faced with this question, the American businessman could not have been clearer, indicating: “Absolutely ! This could be possible in less than five years, since the current version of Neuralink is a generalized reader and writer device with around 1,000 electrodes, and you probably need far fewer than 1,000 in the case of tinnitus. .

In the long term, Neuralink plans to treat a large number of pathologies, linked in particular to sight and hearing, etc. Of course, Elon Musk’s firm must first obtain authorization from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), an American organization responsible for authorizing the marketing (and use) of drugs and other medical devices in the United States.

Remember that the first Neuralink trials on human brains are still planned for the end of 2022.

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