Elon Musk will fight the heat wave with this new product to install in your home

Earlier in the week, we revealed to you thatElon MuskCEO of You’re here, had promised to lower the purchase price of its cars, but on one condition. And recently, the billionaire and businessman confirmed that a whole new product was being developed by the famous brand of electric vehicles, a product that could well find many potential customers with this period of heat wave.

a new market for tesla?

At the moment, the whole of the northern hemisphere is affected by a huge heat wave. Parts of the United States and Europe are experiencing scorching temperatures as another record-breaking heat wave hits Western countries. High temperatures have been recorded all over the world, and the various governments continue to issue heat wave alerts.

And while the whole of Europe is plagued by these extreme climatic conditions, France is unfortunately no exception to the rule, it too is a victim of drought and exceptional heat. As reported The world, the fires are nearly 6 times larger than the average in France or Spainand more than 50 times in certain Eastern European countries, such as Hungary or Slovakia.

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Even Britain has not been spared, having also recorded record temperatures this year. According The Associated Pressthe UK government reportedly said such heat spikes were now a reality, in a country ill-prepared for such extremes. And it was in this context that Musk announced on Twitter that his company Tesla was going to enter the HVAC market. (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) residential. According to the billionaire, Tesla is developing a system capable of heating and cooling individual homes.

As explained TheStreetthe HVAC system that Tesla is working on should also include a HEPA filter, that is, a high-efficiency air filter, which could eventually clean the air and potentially help generate drinking water. In theory, this filter could thus capture contaminants by eliminating dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and all particles suspended in the air.

It’s on the future product list. Especially important in places like Austin, which has next-level amounts of pollen in the air.

July 18, 2022

Please make an HVAC system with HEPA filter, allergies are killing me right now.

It’s on the list of future products. This is especially important in places like Austin, where there are exceptional amounts of pollen in the air.

But this is not the first time that Musk has mentioned this project developed by Tesla.. He did in 2020 and earlier this year. However, this is the first time that he clearly states that this product is part of the list of future Tesla products under development. In March 2020, Musk shared his vision for this system that would purify the air. He said he saw it as an intelligent system based on the heat pump Octovalve, originally developed for its SUV, Tesla’s Model Y.

This new HVAC system would thus be able to communicate with Tesla cars, in order to know when the owner is supposed to be at home, so the temperature and humidity would be adjusted to be perfect as soon as it arrives.

Elon Musk

The fact is that Tesla has now gained some experience with HVAC systems thanks to the “Bioweapon Defense Mode”, an improved air filtering system that would reduce the direct impact of air pollution on the occupants of its vehicles. The system works as follows: it pressurizes the car’s cabin to minimize the amount of outside air. This function is therefore beneficial in areas where there may be frequent fires. It is found in particular in the Model S and Model X.

Musk is currently working on the third part of Tesl’s famous “Master Plan”a, referring to the billionaire’s ambition to radically transform transport and thus save the planet from pollution. And this next HVAC system for homes may just be another step in bringing his vision to fruition.

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