Elon Musk: We marched on the White House!

Opposed to Joe Biden or Justin Trudeau, the American libertarian billionaire at the head of SpaceX and Tesla is increasing his interventions in the political field. But he will never be able to run for the US presidential election.

As thousands of Canadian truckers demonstrate in Ottawa against new health measures, Elon Musk tweets to his 72 million followers: “These truckers manage”. Surprising that the first world fortune supports a popular uprising but, in a few years, Musk has become politicized.

Rather disturbing intentions

In the United States, he even seems to become the main opponent of Biden – to the detriment of Trump, banned from social networks and mired in conspiracy theories. Just like Trump before 2016, Musk is a billionaire became a star; although instead of conservatism or populism, Musk advocates transhumanism and libertarianism. Classical ideas in the United States but distinguishing themselves today by their clear opposition to wokism and health authoritarianism.

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Thus, invoking individual freedom, he does not hesitate to tweet “vote to kick them out (Biden and Trudeau) » or to criticize the cancel culture. However, if Trump were by his ideological and personal excesses a ” human Molotov cocktail » (Michael Moore), Musk embodies a quiet opposition, far from extremes. Goodbye cultural war and identity, a good policy is in the ideological status quo, without ever hindering business, science and freedom. Musk’s political aspirations ultimately remain quite murky.

His commitment is only an outpost in his automotive (Tesla) and aerospace (SpaceX) empire, and, to date, his statements have been nothing but free publicity. While his political potential is undeniable and part of America is tired of both Trump and Biden, Musk is far from real politics and parties. Finally, not being born on American soil but in South Africa, he cannot legally run for president. And even if he could, does Musk really want to be a politician? His dream has always been the conquest of space, his only program concerns the colonization of other planets. So, on Mars or on Washington, where would Elon Musk prefer to walk?

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