Elon Musk was waiting for the right moment and it finally came

The Tesla Model 3 should soon offer a new version with a revised style and many mechanical and technological improvements. If Elon Musk hasn’t confirmed anything yet, it seems like a good time to upgrade to the Model 3 in version 2.

A Tesla Model 3 charging on the Tesla wall outlet // Source: Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 has been on the market for five years now: first in the US before arriving in Europe in 2018 with the Paris Motor Show. Caused since 2007 year Elon Musk’s Master Plan under the code name BlueStarthe compact has evolved relatively little over its career.

A new version

Certainly, new versions have appeared over the years, with Long Range Dual Motor and Performance among others. In October 2020, the star of the brand received a small facelift, including the arrival of new rims, a heat pump and new batteries. In the meantime, the design had largely not changed, except that the window frames then became black and no longer chrome.

But it seems so major changes would be planned for the sedan, now overtaken by the Model Y in terms of sales. Because despite the success of the latter worldwide, the brand does not forget the sedan, which is starting to have more and more competitors on the market, with among others the Renault Mégane E-Tech and other BMW i4. But also with the arrival of new players, such as the world number 2 in electric cars, BYD.

It is therefore time for the Model 3 to afford a real facelift. A few days ago, the American agency Reuters actually called “Project Highland”, which simply denoted the compact restyling. The latter must then cover many aspects, such as reducing the number of components, as well as simplifying the interior, which is already very refined. This version should also offer new batteries equipped with 4680 cells.

This overhaul should also focus on the infotainment system, which should feature some improvements that have yet to be detailed. All these developments should allow the brand to reduce production costs and thus increase its margins. It could also be that the company takes the opportunity to cut its prices, as it has already done in China, to revive declining sales.

Multiple relationships

This restyling should also relate to the design, whilea camouflaged replica of what could be the restyled Model 3 had been spotted in a parking lot. But for now, no official information has been revealed by Elon Musk, who in 2021 had listed a few conditions that the brand had to meet before considering upgrading its electric sedan.

Forwarded by Teslarati, the new head of Twitter would first wait for his factories in Freemont and Berlin to turn around. That’s how it is now, while the German Gigafactory is producing several versions of the Model Y, many of which have already been delivered to Europe. Another prerequisite was that The Model 3 no longer represents the majority of the company’s sales volume.

If this was the case before the launch of the compact SUV, the latter now dominates the “3”, becoming in September the best-selling new car in Europe, all engines combined. Everything therefore indicates that the signals are green for the start of production of the restyled version. Especially sinceElon Musk did not deny the Reuters report.

This new version should be assembled at the factory in Freemont, Texas, which should undergo some changes to adapt its production lines. According to the latest rumors, the restyled Model 3 is already in the testing phase and should appear in the second half of 2023.

As for the Model Y, the future Model 3 should be designed with far fewer parts, thanks to the Giga Press, which will also be used to manufacture the electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck.

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