Elon Musk wants thousands of humanoid robots to work

Decidedly, Elon Musk continues to be talked about and a recent job advertisement for the Tesla Bot program has something to bring us back to full science fiction.

What if what was once science fiction suddenly becomes reality? Remember, during Tesla AI Day 2021, Elon Musk indicated that the humanoid robot program had become a priority at Tesla. If many did not take the announcement seriously, in particular because of the presence at the time of a dancer in a robot costume on stage, things seem to be happening very quickly.

Soon thousands of robots at Tesla

Thus, in a job offer published for its Motion Planning & Navigation, Tesla Bot, the manufacturer affirms without flinching that it wishes to have thousands of humanoid robots in its factories.

Tesla is well on its way to building large-scale humanoid robots to automate repetitive and boring tasks. At the heart of the Tesla Bot, this offering is a unique opportunity to work on state-of-the-art algorithms for motion planning and navigation leading to their deployment in real production applications. Most importantly, you’ll see your work repeatedly used by thousands of humanoid robots in our factories. .

Elon Musk’s company said the first version of Tesla Bot will focus on performing simple repetitive tasks, which will make the robot useful in a factory setting. One stone kills two birds since it would not even be necessary to find customers with internal use on the premises.

Note that Elon Musk is about to unveil the first working prototype of his humanoid robot during AI Day on September 30, 2022. We are definitely looking forward to seeing this.

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