Elon Musk wants free speech but censors Twitter

The Elon Musk jet affair will probably continue to float for a long time. If you don’t know what it is, a quick summary: Several months ago, the head of Tesla contacted Jack Sweeney, the creator of an account that allowed his private plane to be tracked. The data must legally be public, but what does that mean for the billionaire. Unsurprisingly, the Streisand effect is so immediate, the press seizes the file. So much so that Musk ends up accusing journalists of doxxing. This English term refers to the disclosure of personal data, often inappropriately.

This week, Elon Musk finally decided to crack down on this practice. The leader has thus excluded several journalists from Twitter who have passed on information about his travels and therefore, in theory, his geolocation. Neither one nor two; the regulators rushed to respond Vice-President of the European Commission believes that sanctions will soon be taken to combat this form of censorship.

Your opinion counts

Perhaps fearing to see justice seized, Elon Musk then quickly posted a tweet asking his subscribers not to re-enable access for banned usersbut when. Immediately or in seven days? Internet users’ answer will be “now” of 58.7%. But is the subject closed for all that? Not so sure.

We actually know that the question of moderation remains essential on Twitter. So much so that outside the EU it is also Apple that risks putting a spoke in Twitter’s wheels. According to his own statement, Tim Cook will avoid getting there, but the fact that the blue logo platform will honor freedom of expression is problematic. Because hate speech is legion there, but it doesn’t help to thank employees who are responsible for fighting this phenomenon.

Privacy is not always guaranteed by our devices

To illustrate his own relationship with doxxing, Elon Musk referred to a “stalker” who has followed a car with one of his children (don’t ask us which one…) in it in Los Angeles. An accident reminiscent of other victims, this time traced to an AirTag hidden in their vehicle. This kind of incident is not uncommon since beacons came out and therefore concerns not only the coordinates that can be found online, but also private devices that we do not necessarily think about in these cases. …


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