Elon Musk still wants to buy Twitter, but on one condition

Elon Musk says he still hasn’t received reliable data on the rate of fake accounts and spam from Twitter. If the platform proves its figures, the takeover can resume, says the entrepreneur.

Credit: Tesla

While tensions between Elon Musk and Twitter are at their highest following the entrepreneur’s decision to cancel his purchase offer, the boss of Tesla and Starlink leaves the door open for a resumption of negotiations. But he poses a very specific condition to this, which suggests that the tendency is rather to cancel the operation.

On Twitter, Elon Musk explains that he is ready to relaunch the transaction “according to the original terms” whether Twitter sends him its method of sampling 100 accounts and how the platform confirms if they are real. That is to say, Elon Musk wants to know how the social network chooses the 100 test accounts that are used to determine the rate of fake accounts on Twitter as a whole, and with what tools they estimate that an account is fake or true.

For Elon Musk, Twitter lied to him

Elon Musk specifies that if the documents transmitted by Twitter to the SEC, the federal body of regulation and control of the financial markets in the United States, are found to contain false data, then the takeover will be buried for good. Obviously, Elon Musk already has his idea on the subject and is convinced that Twitter lied.

Always so provocative, the richest man in the world even launched a survey on the subject… directly with his followers on Twitter. To affirmation “Less than 5% of daily Twitter users are fake/spam”what the social network officially communicates, 64.9% of voters believe that it is a lie and join the opinion of Elon Musk, while 35.1% believe the words of Twitter.

“Twitter spoke…”, concluded the ex-candidate for the takeover of the platform to add a layer. The issue of fake accounts is considered paramount by Elon Musk because it influences Twitter’s monetization forecasts. The business manager and his teams believe that Twitter has done everything to hide important information from them on this point.

More specifically, Twitter is accused of initially being deliberately vague. Then the company would have provided dated data and then an irrelevant dataset. Finally, Twitter allegedly tried to trick Elon Musk by sharing data based on a sanitized sample, previously purged of his fake accounts.

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