Elon Musk offers internet on the high seas, but it’s going to cost you

Imagine you are on your boat at sea and you have to telecommute? There are of course satellite connections for the boats but the quality is not there. Fortunately, Elon Musk is here! His company Starlink has just launched a new Internet offer that solves the problem, but you have to get your hands on the wallet.

Staying connected in the remote waters of the globe is expensive

Indeed, the South African billionaire has just launched its new offer called Starlink Maritime. This service relies on SpaceX satellites to offer a low latency internet connection. The company promises a connection that can reach 350 Mbit/s downstream so that you can surf the Internet on the high seas.

However, pay attention to the price of the package, it is not given to everyone. Indeed, to be able to take advantage of this offer, you must pay 5000 dollars per month without forgetting to pay for a terminal to be able to connect offered at 10000 dollars and which makes it possible to quadruple the performance compared to a conventional terminal.

An offer intended for sea professionals

Since not everyone owns a boat and can afford such a service, Starlink Maritime is above all an offer aimed at maritime professionals. This is also what is specified on the company’s website which targets “merchant ships, oil rigs and high-end yachts“.

Currently, Starlink Maritime does not cover all the waters of the globe. Internet connection is available on the coasts of North America, Europe (all of the Mediterranean), Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. Elon Musk hopes he can extend this coverage to part of the Atlantic, Pacific and South Pole waters by the end of the year and then to the entire planet in 2023.

Note that access to Starlink services depends on the decisions of each country. In February 2021, Arcep authorized the allocation of two frequency bands to Starlink to connect satellites to French users. Unfortunately, the Council of State overturned this decision last April.

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