Elon Musk mocks NASA photos (PHOTO)

In the midst of a legal battle, Elon Musk has time to laugh. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX does not seem at all bothered by the legal conflict which binds him to Twitter, and prefers to put the world on his back. This time, it is not the network with the blue bird that he taunts, but NASA, which he makes fun of in a publication that is unusual to say the least.

Indeed, Elon Musk shared on his account an image taken by the James Webb telescope, comparing it to the surface of a kitchen worktop with similar patterns. The billionaire genius thus wrote: “Nice try, NASA”, that the color images of the universe would be nothing but a lie.

The “joke” refers to one of the most important conspiracy theories in the United States, particularly in relation to the 1969 moon landing, where Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon. 50 years later, this conspiracy still has many fans, including, it seems, Elon Musk. That said, the SpaceX boss shouldn’t make fun of NASA in this way, knowing that many of its rockets explode even before they leave.

As a reminder, Elon Musk is currently being sued by Twitter in a 44 billion dollar case, following his refusal to acquire the social network because of the many bots and fake accounts on the platform. This negatively impacted the platform on the stock exchange, seeing its price drop alarmingly.


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