Elon Musk launches the first internet plan at 5000€ per month

News hardware Elon Musk launches the first internet plan at 5000€ per month

Do you know Starlink, Elon Musk’s company that offers satellite internet subscriptions? In the middle of the countryside, the service is super useful, although a bit expensive. And then at sea? Well that can also be useful, but it will be even more, much, much, much more expensive. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Starlink Maritime, the first €5,000 internet subscription signed Elon Musk!

Starlink’s new offering wasn’t announced with much fanfare from a podium by an impassioned Elon Musk. We understand why, the bad buzz of such a price is almost inevitable.

If you want to go to Netflix or JV in the middle of the Pacific, it’s always possible. That being said, it seems reasonable to assume that if you need or just want such a luxury, you have a lot of money.

Why ? Quite simply because taking out an internet subscription for a boat implies… having a boat. Elon Musk’s company was very clear when announcing Starlink Maritime, the target is, I quote, “high-end yachts”, small tubs that cost next to nothing, barely a few million.

A few weeks ago, Starlink released a similar package for motorhomes at “only” 124€. But do not confuse everything. The excessive price is justified in many ways:

  • The target audience is ultra wealthy (either owners of large yachts or some large companies (transportation or otherwise))
  • Having satellite internet in the middle of the ocean is an extremely expensive technical feat. The two terminals designated for the high seas have nothing to do with the antenna for motorhomes.
  • The technology is in its infancy and it is far from being produced on a large scale.
  • Several other companies offer lower rates than Elon Musk, but the speeds offered are ridiculous, not even enough to scroll Instagram. There, Starlink announces 350 Mbit / s and above all a “low latency”. It’s way better than what the competition is doing.

But what prices are we talking about exactly? Hang on tight, the title doesn’t say it all.

Not only does the subscription cost 5000 dollars per month (which we have translated into 5000€, the value of the two currencies is quite close at the moment and Americans do not take VAT into account), but you also have to pay for the equipment that will be placed on the roof or deck of the vessel. A small beast costing the trifle of 10,000 dollars.

Wait, it’s still not over. As said at the moment, there is still a good 20% of taxes, but also the costs of installation, sending, maintenance…

In short, you have understood, this is the most expensive internet package in the world, by far. Some will find it indecent, how about you?

Elon Musk launches the first internet plan at 5000€ per month

Starlink is an innovative satellite internet service that operates through a constellation of satellites. Project initiated by Elon Musk in 2015 and recently operational, it guarantees a stable and fast connection for everyone, regardless of your geographical location. Mainly intended for the forgotten fiber and aims to reduce the digital divide on a large scale.

If the Internet by satellite has been around for a few years, the novelty here is that these satellites will not be placed in a so-called geostationary orbit, extremely high, therefore suffering from a latency problem that is impossible to avoid. Elon Musk’s idea is then to deploy thousands of satellites (12,000) in a much lower orbit.

Elon Musk can use the know-how of his space company SpaceX to deploy Stalink. Smart.

It should be noted, however, that the Starlink service has been strongly criticized, in particular by part of the scientific community.

  • When the satellites are at the end of their life, the deorbit phases will be extremely harmful for the environment.
  • These thousands of satellites cause immense light pollution in addition to the pullution of the low orbit of the Earth, already similar to a huge open-air garbage can.

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