Elon Musk launches €5,000 per month internet plan

Apart from Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk also launched the entity star link, offering satellite Internet subscriptions. The company has just launched a new package at 5,000 euros per month.

A very expensive package paid

Just unveiled by star linkthe new Maritime package is actually nothing more than an Internet subscription billed at 5,000 euros per month, sorry! It must be said that this relatively new service sees its price justified by its ability to offer an Internet connection to high-end yachts when they are sailing far from the coast, in the open sea. Unlike the few competitors who have tackled this heavy highly complex task, Starlink promises access to a connection that is both stable and very fast, offering up to 350 Mbit/s of speed. In addition to the 5,000 euros claimed each month, yacht owners who would like to watch netflix at sea will also have to acquire the equipment needed to set up the connection. A trifle estimated at 10,000 euros…

Targeting a niche market, star link had recently unveiled another package, this time more accessible and intended for motorhomes.

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