Elon Musk in favor of keeping nuclear power plants

(Belga) The entrepreneur Elon Musk, pioneer of the electric car with the car manufacturer Tesla, advocated Monday the maintenance of nuclear power plants while several European countries want to close theirs.

“I think we should really keep nuclear power plants,” he said in Stavanger (southwest Norway) at a major biennial conference devoted to energy issues. “I know this may be an unpopular point of view in some quarters, but I think if you have a well-designed nuclear power plant, you shouldn’t shut it down,” added the businessman who said to himself. “pro-nuclear”. Several European countries, including Germany, Belgium and Sweden, have decided to phase out nuclear power even though several of them have decided or are considering postponing the closure of their power plants to alleviate the energy crisis currently affecting Europe. against the background of the war in Ukraine. France, for its part, has closed its oldest plant, that of Fessenheim as part of a reduction in the share of nuclear in its energy mix, but President Emmanuel Macron has announced the future order, at a date yet undetermined, of at least six EPR reactors. (Belga)

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