Elon Musk hopes for deliveries in mid-2023

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The Tesla Cybertruck could hit US roads next year. Elon Musk has set a date for the first deliveries.

Three years after its presentation, the Tesla Cybertruck is still not in production. Elon Musk’s firm has encountered various challenges, including batteries.

Indeed, the electric pick-up will use the brand new 4680 cells. As long as Tesla did not have them, it was impossible to plan and launch the manufacture of the model.

In addition, the acceleration of Model 3 and Model Y sales forced the firm to change its plans. The factories have thus given priority to the largest volumes, in order to develop its activity.

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The new pickup should thus land in the middle of next year, according to Musk. He received a question about it during Tesla’s quarterly earnings conference.

“We hope to start deliveries in the middle of next year”, he wrote. The electric Semi truck and the sporty Roadster are expected to arrive in 2024.

For Tesla, this rapid commercialization should help the firm to fight against rivals of the Cybertruck. Among these, we obviously find the Ford F-150 Lightning, but also the future Chevrolet Silverado EV, and the colossal Hummer EV.

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