Elon Musk: his transgender daughter wants to cut ties with him

“I no longer live with my biological father and no longer want to be associated with him in any form.” In her request filed last April, the day after her 18th birthday, the transgender daughter of Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, wishes to change her name so that she no longer has to bear her own, and first names to correspond. to their gender identity.

A court in Santa Monica will decide this Friday, June 25 if she can officially take that of Vivian Jenna Wilson, as she wishes. Wilson comes from his mother’s maiden name, Justine Wilson ex Musk, with whom Elon Musk had 6 children in the 2000s (one of whom died a few weeks after birth), before their divorce in 2008, specifies the AFP.

Tweets that criticize the pronouns of transgender people

An initiative related to the declaration of the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, who had tweeted criticism targeting the pronouns chosen and dedicated to trans and non-binary people? We can imagine it.

“I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are aesthetic nightmares,” he said. A mind-blowing reflection, especially since linguistic aesthetics do not seem to bother him when it comes to naming his last children from his relationship with the singer Grimes: his boy X AE A-12 and his daughter Exa Dark Siderael , nicknamed Y, born in March 2020 and December 2021.

Another particularly problematic pot: the way in which he was accused by several former employees of having aggravated sexual harassment within his companies. The billionaire obsessed with the conquest of space would have done nothing to put an end to the attacks and sexist acts that they had nevertheless reported. To read the testimonies of the supposed victims, it is even quite the opposite, both the behavior of Elon Musk and his tweets would have encouraged the oppressive atmosphere on the spot.

A boy club culture that Vivian Jenna Wilson might also want to break free from?

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