Elon Musk gives big update on the future as he faces huge Twitter lawsuit

ELON Musk shared another glimpse of his personal philosophy for the future of humanity on Twitter.

The world’s richest person has praised a book that’s obviously loaded with big-picture thinking and other arguments that Musk himself has made.

The next book is called What We Owe The Future and is written by Oxford philosopher William MacAskill.

“Worth reading. It fits with my philosophy,” Musk wrote in promotion of the book on Twitter.

Lately, Musk has been sharing more philosophical and media reviews — he has posted little about his legal battle with Twitter.

Musk articulated the need for reinvent the future so pressing and MacAskill’s book would lay out this idea.

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“The written history of mankind covers only 5,000 years. Our future could last millions longer – or it could end tomorrow,” MacAskill said in a video promoting the book.

“I champion an idea called longtermism: positively influencing the very long-term future is a key moral priority of our time,” MacAskill continued.

MacAskill admits there are “counterintuitive” arguments in the book, including the idea that the world is actually underpopulated.

Musk frequently posts about declining birth rates and in 2019 he told an audience at the World AI Conference that “the biggest problem the world will face in 20 years is demographic collapse“.

MacAskill says his book addresses the possibility of reinventing society after a global catastrophe.

“By acting wisely, we can put humanity on the right path,” concludes MacAskill.

Along the same lines, Musk has long argued that humans should become a multiplanetary species to prolong humanity’s existence and maximize the chance of interacting with an alien species in the universe.

Appropriating Twitter seems insignificant compared to Musk’s personal mandate to alter the distant future of humanity.

Before the lawsuits rained down, Musk admitted he spent less than 5% of his time thinking about Twitter.

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MacAskill’s book was pre-ordered in April and will be available for purchase on August 16, but Musk’s endorsement sounds like he has access to an advanced copy.

MacAskill’s work is the latest in a long line of Musk’s best books, which includes Nick Bostrom’s seminal artificial intelligence book Superintelligence, and other works with a strong scientific and philosophical component.

What We Owe to Future Author William MacAskill


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