Elon Musk donates 5 million Tesla shares to a mystery NGO

Elon Musk donated 5 million Tesla shares to charity in November 2021, according to a new document from the SEC, the US federal financial markets regulator. of $5.7 billion.

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Remember, in November 2021, Elon Musk pledged $6 billion to end world hunger. A reaction of the billionaire after the declaration of the director of the World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations. According to the manager, Elon Musk could single-handedly solve the world hunger problem with just 2% of his fortune.

Neither one nor two, the CEO of Tesla said he was ready to sell shares to Tesla to the tune of six billion dollars, provided that the United Nations clearly explains how it intends to spend Musk’s money, in particular by publishing a detailed plan of their strategy. Since the publication of this story, we have not had any new developments.

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Elon Musk is generous with an unknown NGO

Only and as revealed by our colleagues from the MarketBusiness site, Elon Musk donated 5.04 million Tesla shares to charity between November 19 and 26, 2021. This represents $5.7 billion, a colossal sum. These donations were made a few days after the release of the famous plan of the United Nations World Food Program. Their existence was revealed in a statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (DRY).

It should also be noted that these transactions were carried out at a particular time, since the CEO had to part with many shares to comply with tax obligations in connection with the exercise of stock options. Unfortunately, the document does not specify which charity Mr. Musk made these donations to.

Neither Tesla nor Elon Musk responded favorably to interview requests from our colleagues regarding the recipient of these donations. After bringing this information to light, the director of the PAM said he was delighted to know that Elon Musk had signed up. “There are millions of characters in the world who are on the edge of family. It remains to be seen whether the WFP will receive some of this money, but I am delighted to hear that Elon has signed up. This is an amazing and great first step,” assures the manager. As a reminder, Elon Musk had already separated in November from 3 million Tesla shares, for an amount of nearly 5 billion dollars. These shares were sold after the publication of a poll on Twitter.

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