Elon Musk criticizes “super lazy” Americans compared to Chinese workers – La Nouvelle Tribune

The eccentric billionaire Elon Musk has once again struck, criticizing the Americans whom he considers lazy in comparison to the Chinese, who are real workers. In a major appearance at the Future of the Car summit in FinancialTimes Musk told the crowd that he thinks Chinese workers work harder than their American counterparts.

I think there will be very strong companies coming out of China he said during his address to the automotive conference. ” There are just a lot of super talented and hardworking people in China who strongly believe in manufacturing. “. He criticized the United States’ poor work ethic and praised the hard-working Chinese staff who stay at the plant past 3 a.m. ” While in America people try to avoid going to work… “. Last month, Tesla staff in China were forced to sleep on the job when production resumed after a three-week shutdown, according to Bloomberg.

The workers were given a sleeping bag and mattress and part of the factory floor to sleep on. Food of around $63 a day was provided to each employee, but they had to work 12 hours a day, with one day off every six days. An almost unsustainable level for work staff in the West.

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